Our Vision

We propose adding a "cap" or "lid" to the below grade sections of I-10

A capped highway is a type of roadway where a deck or park is built over the top, turning the area above into a usable public space like a park. We propose capping I-10 between Memorial Park and Patterson, which is already sunken into the ground, as a part of the Inner Katy Managed Lanes project from TxDOT.

  • Space for parks, retail, or residences
  • Fits within existing footprint of project
  • Reconnects neighborhoods across I-10
  • Limits noise and particulate pollution

TxDOT's Current Plan

TxDOT's plan for the Inner Katy Managed Lanes Project involves either widening or raising I-10, in order to build more managned (HOV) lanes. TxDOT asserts that this project will alleviate congestion; however, historical evidence consistently demonstrates that widening highways does not effectively resolve congestion.

What does this mean for Houston?

  • 10+ years of construction
  • Over 80 homes and businesses destroyed
  • 12.5 acres of land seized for expansion
  • Destruction of the White Oak Bayou landscape
  • Total cost is unknown

Letters of Support

Rep. Ann Johnson, District 134

📄 Letter of support

Greater Heights Super Neighborhood

📄 Letter of support

City Council Member Castillo, District H

📄 Letter of support

Rep. Christina Morales, District 145

📄 Letter of support

Rep. Morales Shaw, District 148

📄 Letter of support

City Council Member Abbie Kamin, District C

📄 Letter of support

Public Works Letter to TxDOT on I-10 Inner Katy Corridor managed lanes

📄 Letter to TxDOT

West End Civic Club

Timbergroove Manor Neighborhood Association

📄 Letter of support

Walk and Roll Houston

📄 Letter of support

Cottage Groove

📄 Letter of support

Stop TxDOT I-45

Strong Towns Houston

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