Houston Chronicle Story: TxDOT wants to widen or elevate the Katy Freeway. But a new plan now emerges

What is the I-10 Expansion

The I-10 TxDOT project is a highway expansion in Houston, planning to elevate I-10 and expand its lanes from Voss to I-45. This initiative aims to manage traffic but will significantly harm the city's landscape and infrastructure, while still not reducing congestion.

How will this affect Houston

  • 10+ Years of construction
  • 80+ Homes and businesses destroyed
  • 12.5 acres seized for expansion
  • Destruction of White Oak Bayou landscape
  • Increase noise and air pollution
  • Total cost unknown
  • Our Proposal

    We propose adding a "cap" or "lid" to the below grade sections of I-10. Capped freeways create new possibilities for the area above freeways numerous benefits:

  • Space for parks, retail, or residences
  • Fits within existing footprint of project
  • Reconnects neighborhoods across I-10
  • Limits noise and particulate pollution
  • ➡️ Our detailed PDF plan for I-10 can be found here